Joel Gott Wines

Since our start in 1996, we have selected the best fruit from growing regions in California, Oregon and Washington which we blend to create more balanced, clean, complex, and elegant wines. We are geared towards continuing to give our customers expressive and food-friendly wines at great prices. We hope you enjoy and will let us know what you think!

About the Winemakers

The Team

Over the past two decades, our small, dynamic team has evolved into a larger, extended family that makes up both our winemaking and production teams who are led by veteran employees Alisa Jacobson (Vice President of Winemaking), Nicole Scommegna (Senior Winemaker), Julio Ramirez (Production Manager), Mitchell Klug (Director Grower Relations), and Rhiannon LaPolla (Marketing). Together, we share the same love and dedication for winemaking with each person playing an important role in helping to carefully craft each bottle of wine, ensuring we keep the same quality that our wines have had since our start in 1996.

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